Passionate about Customers & Digital Excellence

About Xotigo and the team


To be the benchmark among digital consulting companies, by our unique approach of initiating, driving, and sustaining the digitalization journey of our customers.


Xotigo is the digitalization partner that co-drives business optimization and innovation with companies, by utilizing its extensive cross-functional businesses and IT expertise to turn the company’s digital change initiatives into reality.

Xotigo was founded by Andreas Geiger

An experienced business leader and management consultant with a focus on digitalization initiatives. He has been working with and influencing C-Suite and Board level executives in Automotive & Manufacturing over many years.

He gained a bachelor in business information systems with focus on business process management. Later in his career, he followed his passion to learn and successfully joined one of the best Executive MBA programs in the world offered by London Business School and Columbia Business School. After studying two years among outstanding global leaders and executives from different industries he successfully graduated.

Over the last years, he successfully reshaped global Sales and Sales Excellence organizations and has been driving cross-functional optimization initiatives along the whole value chain in a global context.

Passionate about digitalization and customer service, he decided to start Xotigo, a boutique consulting company. Focusing on helping customers to drive digital initiatives and fully committed to deliver outstanding customer services, Xotigo makes a difference.


“Xotigo covers traditional consulting scope and adds interdisciplinary expertise!”

We are an innovative team of skilled professionals from diverse functions, such as Strategy, Sales, Information Technology, with an impressive track record and collective experience in successful implementation of digital change initiatives across industries.

The skill mix of the team is well suited to handle digital change initiatives across projects of varying scale and complexity.


Digital Leadership Coach / Digital Interim Leader

Digital Strategist

Digital Excellence Manager

Digital Scientist

> Experienced leader with multiple years of international leadership experience in different companies and roles in business and IT
> Takes over the Leadership for a defined period to move the business to the next level of digital business excellence
> Coaches Executive Managers on the journey to digital business excellence

> Experienced leader with a proven track record of developing and executing digital strategies for international companies successfully
> Worked for multiple years in business and IT
> Develops tailored digital strategies for customers to benefit from digitalization best possible
> Implements developed digital strategies together with the customers to sustain success
> Utilizes change management expertise to make sure that organizations sustain the change

> Experienced Manager who has delivered big international digitalization projects successfully
> Has a sound knowledge of the business, its processes as well as IT
> Analyses business, develops business concepts and translates them into tailored digital solutions
> Works closely together with the customer to ensure solutions deliver the targeted benefit

> Digital Enthusiast who conducts process and business analysis.
> Subject Matter expert for a defined area
> Prepares concepts and proposals for decision making

Our commitment to excellence

People who co-drive digital initiatives with you have a proven track record of running such initiatives successfully before. We do not experiment with our customers.